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About Us

Our mission here at Click Bargain Outlet is to provide our customers with exceptional service while providing great products at bargain prices! Click Bargain Outlet was established in summer of 2016.

Our core mission is to provide our customers with trending products not sold in your local retail store, while offering these products at a huge discount. Over the last few years, we are working to build our brand recognition by increasing our exposure to the public, especially those bargain hunters looking for the next discount sale.

Even as we grow, one thing that I have actually always wanted for Click Bargain Outlet is to keep the personal touch. We do not attempt to make Click Bargain Outlet appear like a big corporation. We are as transparent as possible.

This is why I share a lot of the behind the scenes about how I create items and run our store. No matter how big Click Bargain Outlet gets, I always wish to be accessible to customers. I love getting in touch with people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We're consumed with pleasing our customers...

We follow the Golden Rule, share our enthusiasm, and own our errors. If you experience a problem with one of our items or are displeased in any way, come by one of our stores, offer us a ring, or shoot us an email. We'll make certain to find a solution to make things right for you. No lip service, just action.