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Golf Digital RANGE FINDER High Quality

Golf Range Finders for the Avid Golfer

  • You can measure the exact distances you are hitting the ball on the practice ground by using a rangefinder. Getting accurate data like this will be of great benefit during subsequent rounds.
  • Use it to get the true distance to any flags or greens on the range, or to other landmarks, and you will find out exactly how far you hit a certain club.
  • ¬†With a rangefinder, you can measure the exact distance to the pin. The early models sometimes had difficulty focusing in on something as narrow as the pin, but modern rangefinders have a pinseeker function, ensuring you get the distance to the pin, not to the tree behind it. You can also check your carry over bunkers or water in front of the green.
  • Using the rangefinder can speed up your round considerably. Once you are accustomed to using it, it only takes a few seconds to use the rangefinder to check your distances. This is much quicker than searching the fairways for distances on sprinkler heads, or trying to work out the distances in your yardage book.

Twenty-two kinds of functions:
1.GREEN MODE ( lawn function )
This feature is specially designed for people who play golf , you can easily get the distance between your hole .
2.GENERAL MODE ( general function )
This function is suitable for ordinary circumstances , you first enter the height of the target in, you can measure the distance between you and the target .

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